Advanced Microeconomics I

  • Instructor: Xinyang Wang (Email)

    • Office Address: Santa Teresa Campus, Top floor

    • Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Teaching Assistant: Enrique Urbano Arellano (Email)

  • Tuesdays 4-7 pm (Central Time), RH 110


Primary Reference:

  • [D] Gerard Debreu, Theory of value: An axiomatic analysis of economic equilibrium. (Yale University Press, 1959)

Additional Reference:

  • For consumer and producer theory:
    [K] David M. Kreps, Microeconomic Foundations I: Choice and Competitive Markets (Princeton University Press, 2013)

[OB] Osborne, M. and Rubinstein, A., Models in Microeconomic Theory (Open Book Publishers, 2020)

[JR] Geoffrey A. Jehle and Philip J. Reny, Advanced Microeconomic Theory (3rd edition, Prentice Hall, 2011)

  • For general equilibrium theory:
    [B] Truman Bewley, General Equilibrium Theory, Overlapping Generations Models, and Optimal Growth Theory (Harvard University Press, 2010)

  • For mathematics:
    [O] Efe OK, Real Analysis with Economic Applications (Princeton University Press, 2007)
    [SB] Carl Simon and Lawrence Blume, Mathematics for Economists (Norton, 1994)

February 1st: Logic, Sets, and Linear Subspace

  • Readings: Logic (Section 1.1-1.7, 1.9, 1.12), Lecture 1 (Section 1, 2.1, 2.2), Lecture 2 (Section 1.1)

February 8th: Linear Algebra

February 15th: Convexity and Differentiability

February 22nd: Convex Optimization

March 1st: Consumer's problem and Cost Minimization Problem

March 8th: Comparative Statics and Consumer's Welfare

March 15th: Binary Relation and Preference

March 22nd: Continuous Preference and Revealed Preference

April 19th: Uncertainty and expected utility

April 26th: Axiomatization of expected utility and Attitudes toward risk

May 3rd: Exchange Economy